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Zen… Flow… What!?

Zentangle Circle by Beata

Zen…   What!?
Have you heard about Zentangle?  Evidently I missed the advent of this artsy-crafty craze! Just look it up online.  Yes.  Everywhere!

This art form has been around for a very long time, and once you start practicing, you’ll see it everywhere!  You will truly start ‘seeing with new eyes!’  This is a Zen-like form of meditation; you start with a pencil, pen and paper, and see what happens.  It’s drawing simple, repeated patterns.

Have you experienced the state of Flow?  That’s when you find yourself in a zone and you are totally focused on what you’re doing, even losing track of time.  Or forgetting to eat lunch.

Rainbow Raven by Beata

Rainbow Raven by Beata

Like yoga, this relaxed focus – or Flow – helps decrease stress, increase mindfulness and enhance creativity.  The patterns are simple enough that anyone (and yes, even me) can create beautiful work.  You might even see Zentangle as a metaphor for life… putting together a beautiful vision, one simple little line at a time.

Find your own Flow

Zentangle might not be for you, but please think about when you experience that state of Flow.  What are you doing? Do you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy that feeling often enough?

Create some time in your own life for Flow!

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