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Eldering: BE-coming Outrageous

In her chapter on Regret, in The Gift of Years, Joan Chittister writes that “The burden of regret is that, unless we come to understand the value of the choices we made in the past, we may fail to see the gifts they have brought us.  The blessing of regret is clear– it brings us, if we are willing to face it head on, to the point of being present to this new time of life in an entirely new way.  It urges us on to continue becoming.”

Are you an elder?  Retired?  Wondering what’s next?  After years of DO-ing, DO-ing and DO-ing, it’s time to take a deep breath and spend time on some serious BE-ing, or BE-coming.  At the beginning of this year, 2019, I encourage you to reflect on what it means for you to be an elder in today’s culture.  Perhaps you feel somewhat invisible, unheard, misunderstood, no longer useful?  Well, it’s not too late to begin again.  Start with BE-ing. Let go of regret, all those “should-haves.”

Here are a few suggestions to jump-start your BE-ing:  (adapted from my Annual Planner)

The Last Year in Review

List your accomplishments, and Celebrate!
What were some things that you thought you “should” do but didn’t get done?  What can you learn from that?
How much time did you spend “BE-ing?”  vs. “DO-ing?”

The Year Ahead

In what ways might you explore being “Outrageous?” What does that mean for you?
What can you let go of, stop doing, or get rid of, that is no longer useful to your life?  (fear, worry, relationships, clutter, etc.)
What do you have to look forward to in the coming year (gatherings, vacation, new learning)
When/where can you find time for just BE-ing?
Who will be your BE-ing support?

Blessings on your year to BE!

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