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New! November Circle 2021

Divine Feminine 101:  November Circle
4 Tuesday Mornings, November 9-30, 10am-Noon

In this 4-session circle, we will explore the divine feminine.   We will learn about ancient goddesses, dating back 30,000 years.   We’ll also explore our own goddess profiles, reflect on what they mean, and how those archetypes and myths can help us make sense of our lives today. You can discover your own profile by taking the Goddess Quiz at  This assessment will be required for the circle discussions.

Topics for the four weekly sessions will include:

  1. When God Was a Woman
  2. Eve Was Framed
  3. Who’s Your Goddess
  4. Claim Your Power

You can access your Goddess Profile by taking
the Goddess Quiz at 
This assessment will be required for attendance.
(Cost is $24 on the site)


My hope is to host this circle at my home. A Zoom option may be available. We’ll just have to see what transpires with COVID protocol!


The Fee is $125 which includes 4 sessions and all printed materials.

Contact Me

If you are interested, have questions about joining the circle, or wish to REGISTER, simply click on the “Contact” tab above to send me a message. Instructions for registration and payment will be sent to you. Payment options include check or Venmo.

Sacred Circles are offered to women 50+who are seeking new ways
to claim and celebrate their wisdom, in the company of other wise women.

In all circles we will read poetry, listen to music; practice mindfulness through guided meditation, written exercises and a bit of homework.  Each session will begin with Celebration and conclude with Discovery & Intention.

Potential Circle Topics

New circle ideas are always percolating in my brain; here are a few for your consideration. Let me know if something here sparks an interest for you.

Feminine Archetypes

Maiden, Mother, Matriarch and Crone are four major Feminine Archetypes that we will explore in this 4-week journey.  We will use Jean Shinoda-Bolen’s book “Goddesses in Older Women; how to be a juicy crone” as a guide. We will explore the many aspects of the Crone, like Wrath, Laughter, Compassion and Wisdom; we will also have the opportunity to discover and share our unique and personal Goddess Archetypes.

The Feminine Face of God

What do you see and feel if I say “God?”  Now, what do you see and feel when I say “The Feminine Face of God?”  What if God is a woman and you could more easily identify with her?  In this 4-week class, we will explore the feminine aspects of God, and of Jesus, and in ourselves.  Holy Wisdom, or Hagia (aye-ya) Sophia, is one aspect of the divine feminine that we will discuss.

Life by Design

Don’t let your “shoulds” get your down!

Death & Dying with Dignity

Discussions about how to live life fully every moment, and identify what you want your end of life to look like.

Here are some of my favorite resources

Circle Resources:
Crones Don’t Whine by Jean Shinoda Bolen
Goddesses in Older Women;
Becoming a juicy crone, by Jean Shinoda Bolen
The Gift of Years by Joan Chittister
The Crone; woman of age, wisdom and power, by Barbara Walker
The Second Half of Life; opening the 8 gates of wisdom, by Angeles Arrien
The Women’s Wheel of Life by Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard
It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again by Julia Cameron
The Feminine Face of God* by Sherry Anderson and Patricia Hopkins
The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell
The Living Goddesses by Maria Gimbutas
The Once and Future Goddess by Elinor Gadon
She Who Is by Elizabeth Johnson

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Phone/Cell:  612-840-9263