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“Color Me Beautiful”

Welcome Sweet Springtime!  Let’s have some fun with coloring…

Remember how much fun you had as a child when you got a new coloring book and a brand new box of 64 crayons? I kept my crayons in an old cookie tin, kind of like this one that I found in an antique shop!  I keep crayons and markers in it for our granddaughter to use when she comes to visit.


A couple weeks ago I wrote about “Finding Flow.”   Well, I’ve been flowing ever since!   I even Zentangled some plastic Easter Eggs!   In addition to practicing the art of Zentangle I’ve also been ‘coloring’ my own tangle creations.  And, did you know you can purchase coloring books for adults?  I just bought one.  It has fascinating, intricate designs in black and white – you choose your own colors using crayons, pencils or markers, start coloring and see what happens. Let the coloring commence!

Here is one of my Zentangle creations for you to print out and color; a spring bouquet.   If you like the results, take a photo and send it to me at  I’d love to see the beauty you created.

Spring Bouquet
Happy Spring!  Sending you showers of flowers…


Playing with Food


And so there I was having lunch at the kitchen table, watching the food channel.  I had dumped out a few pretzels from the package to enjoy with my sandwich.  And suddenly the pretzels looked like letters to me!  I decided to try to write something – perhaps my name? Voila!  Who knew pretzels could be so much fun?  When was the last time you played with your food?

Go ahead, play with food!!  Be creative and have some fun!

Play with Food

Creatively yours,  Beata