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“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice,
and now that I have it,
I am not going to be silent” 
–Madeleine Albright

With Full Voice
I have spent much of my life being quiet, following the rules from my childhood:  don’t make waves, don’t make a spectacle of yourself, be seen and not heard,  it’s not nice to raise your voice, and don’t speak until spoken to.  As an introvert, being quiet is partly my natural preference.  I am generally willing to allow others to speak first (while I am silently thinking, “that’s just what I was going to say!”)  But that is changing!Over the past several years, as I have been discovering and claiming my purpose in life, I am now finding it easier to access my full voice.  The passion I have for the work I do has given me the fuel to speak up and speak out about what matters most to me.  And what’s that, you ask??  My passion and purpose in life is to help women help themselves;  help them move through life and career transitions, help them understand they are powerful beyond their own imagination, help them make difficult decisions, and ultimately help them find their own voice.One way to begin finding your own voice is to begin asking for what you want or need.  Whether it’s a ride to the airport or a shoulder to cry on when you are in despair, do not hesitate to ask for what you need.  I have observed that women, in particular, find it difficult to ask for help, to ask for what they need and want.  It’s time to start.

A second way to find your full voice is to start talking about your passions.  Tell other people what you are passionate about. Ask them to share their passions with you.  Imagine what marvelous things can happen when you share your dreams and passions and ask others to do the same.  Once you start, you won’t be able to stop, and your full voice will inspire others!  And, the best part of sharing is that we, as women, are soooo good at doing this, given the opportunity!

And so, I’m urging you to create an opportunity to express your passions and purpose in new ways, to find your voice, your full voice.  If you had an hour of prime time TV to talk about anything, what would it be?  I’d love to hear about your passions.  I invite you to share your full voice with me and my other readers!

Lesson learned: 
Find your own full voice by expressing and sharing your passions and purpose.  Thank you, Madeline Albright!

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